Saturday, May 30, 2009

Do You Know - 1920 Newspaper 'Quiz Answers' #FridayFun

Here are the questions (posted here yesterday)

Here are the answers from the newspaper:

1. From a fancy he loved to indulge in, that the abbots of Melrose Abbey, in ancient times, passed over the fords of the Tweed.

2. To run away or abscond. A comic American word from ab, from, and squat, hence to go away from your squatting. (See World Wide Words on this.) [Bonus point if you found my typo - the newspaper had it right.]

3. From the ceremony of bathing which used to be practised at the inauguration of the knight as a symbol of purity.

4. From shame and horror because our Lord's cross was made of its wood.

5. Those which depend on the state of our eyes and not those which the object itself possesses. Thus after looking at the bright sun all objects appear dark. That dark color is the accidental color of the sun.

6. Recreation of Brian Kent (Harold Wright), Sky Pilot in No Man's Land (Ralph Connor), The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Vicente Ibanez), Rainbow Valley (L. M. Montgomery), River's End (Oliver Curwood), The Young Visitors (Daisy Ashford).

From Do You Know, The Lethbridge Daily Herald, Alberta, Canada, Tuesday, 27 July 1920. p. 4

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