Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scanfest Today - Scanning Mum's Memories

It's the day for Scanfest again!

11 AM to 2 PM, PDT at AnceStories

Get together with others on-line while you scan your family memories!

Join us; go to AnceStories and look for the CoverItLive live blog/forum in the top post.

Today I'm scanning a potpourri from one of my mother's boxes - letters, telegrams, recipes, newspaper clippings, baby advice...only one photo, I think, and nothing about cars, little brother.

Reading one letter has already made me cry. Silly, I know. Wasn't a sad letter at all. Quite the contrary.

Never mind, here's something of me from her box....

Tulips in the Spring

Tulips are pretty
in the spring.
When we lived in
Dunbar we had yellow
tulips and red tulips.
I liked Dunbar.

I had two very nice
friends. I liked Betty too.
She played with me too.
But I can't play with any
of my Dunbar friends
now because we moved
to Cambie, but if you
know where yukon is
right where 3300 Yukon
Street is just then you will
see my house.

My Name is Diane

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, c. 1952

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