Sunday, August 24, 2008

Norway House Trip, Manitoba, Canada - 1940

Homeward Bound On Board S.S. Keenora 1940

I participated in another Scanfest today and ended up scanning photographs of my mother's trip to Norway House in Manitoba in 1940. A few are loose photographs; most are in an album - glued to black paper pages. I did finish the set. Now I just have to enter the details.

As soon as I can, I'll put these up on the web somewhere - but now I think I have another word for Randy Seaver...'scandoodling'.

First of all, these weren't in my 'plan' - I'm not that strict, but Christmas is coming and I promised to finish a particular album before then. When I opened a box yesterday though, I thought 'oh, cool'...I should look at these again'.

Then, not that I did nothing else today, but I found myself first off pulling out a Manitoba map, then scanning (ha!) my book shelves for a history, and then it got worse and worse - I was googling to find out this n' that, whatever crossed my mind really while looking at the photos, including what happened later to the S.S. Keenora, (built in 1897).

The answer: as of 1973, she's been up out of the water - at the Marine Museum of Manitoba in Selkirk, Manitoba. I'll be adding that to my 'places I want to go' list.)

Does anyone else scandoodle? Or do you all just call it 'research'?

Marine Museum of Manitoba:

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