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This is posted as information for anyone attending my session on researching photographs at the LDS Tri-Stakes family history seminar, October 14, 2006 in Surrey, B.C.

Here is a draft of my research ideas for one set of photographs that I've discovered among my family collections. These are referred to by me as the 'Miss P.' photographs:


“Photographs: MISS P’s visit 1925” RESEARCH STRATEGIES

Objective: To identify the “Miss P” shown with Sarah (Saggers) and Joe Rogers and their sons, George & David.

Questions: Had she been, as George Rogers thought, a child that Sarah looked after as live in help before coming to Canada? Who is the unidentified man in the one picture? Could this be Viola’s wedding trip? (Wouldn’t there be mrs/mr photos then? Is “Miss P” what David & George were to call her?

Evidence seen:

Sarah Rogers identified this page of pictures in her album as “Taken Aug st 1925 during Viola Visit (Miss P)” Note: nothing in notebook with addresses looked related. Cousin has seen album already. See notes-no information this set.

Five Photographs on ROGERS’s album page 7: See separate description for sizes. Amateur.
Note* glued to black paper page. Scan & post on-line? Try

1. Viola? & unidentified man. Snow on ground. Rustic cabin or lodge behind. Is this at Grouse Mountain? Viola in 20’s? Coat/hat. Can’t make out if rings. * Flat shoes. Man possibly booted.

2. Viola? & George & David in front of very large tree stump. Probably Stanley Park. Viola same coat/hat as 1, but front top bows on shoes. David holding a bundle?

3. Young child standing in water. Dusk?

4. Sarah & Joe Rogers with David & George (holding cat) and Viola? Possible Chester St. back yard. Boys wearing T-shirts? shorts. Different socks than other pics. *Who took the photo?

Viola? No hat, nice summer dress. Ankle strap high shoes; plain. No ring left hand. Bracelet or watch left arm.

5. George and David Rogers sitting on Oppenheimer monument (Stanley Park, Vancouver) Both wearing shorts/shirts/ties/caps as in #2. Floral arrangement on monument pedestal? A bundle at George’s feet (towels?)

Other: have evidence that Sarah Rogers lived in these places in England before coming to Canada. (censuses/photos/book inscriptions) Little Hadham, Herts.; London; Stansted, Essex. Also connection with Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire.

Initial Strategies (No order)

a. Search both BC births c. 1900 –Viola, etc. P. Also free English BMD 1925 marriages for Viola (also Violet, Vera, etc.)

b. Search 1901 Canadian & English census for Viola & variants (especially BC, Canada & Herts, Essex, London, England)

c. Read September-August 1925 Vancouver World/Sun (& also Province 1925?)
Especially social notes/news/hotel guests & anything re Stanley Park & Oppenheimer monument (why flowers-maybe Decoration Day?) Note* check BC Newspaper Index re Stanley Park, Oppenheimer
[SFU PN 02 12]

d. Check Oppenheimer’s dates; also date of park opening, etc. re flowers.

e. Post picture on web?---as “Miss P. visit to Canada from England 1925”

f. Check civil registration -1st two quarters 1925---marriage for a Viola?

Related? pictures:

1. page 21 Sarah Saggers in back of a car with a young girl. Single photo of same girl alone. No identification. Also pasted into album. Car & approximate year might be identified? **Could post these photos too.

2. page 15 Professional portrait?---woman alone, 30’s? Possibly Viola? Glued in.

3. page 31 Two women-professional photo? Possibly Viola & mother? Glued in.

Ideas---make up a ‘timeline’ of these---ask people to have a look. Are these the same woman?


These photographs are now posted on
Search for ROGERS in Vancouver, BC, Canada or check under mystery photographs, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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