Monday, July 22, 2013

Recipes and Government...Helen Deachman's Pecan Pie, 1963

I've been busy lately, but I have been chipping away at a few projects, even some indexing. Several nights lately I found myself going through old recipes, some my own, some Mum's and Na's - mostly cut out from newspapers.

But here's a well used recipe card I found that's a part of British Columbia history.

Front and back of Grant Deachman ad card, Vancouver Quadra candidate, Vancouver, BC, 1963.

Now, while I can well believe my Na voted Liberal, I think this card was likely kept because of the recipe. She never lived within his district (although I believe her sister did at one time). Maybe he spoke at a meeting she attended, maybe Helen Deachman was in one of the many groups my Na was involved with, or perhaps the ladies 'traded' these voting cards?

At any rate, Grant Deachman, a member of the Liberal Party of Canada, won this April 8, 1963 election. He was Member of Parliament for the Vancouver Quadra electoral district (in the City of Vancouver) from 1963 to 1972. (Defeated in 1962 and 1972.) Helen Hughes (née Anderson) Deachman, his wife, was born, I believe, in Ottawa, where they lived for many years. Glen Grant Deachman was born in Calgary, Alberta. Both are buried in Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa.


Princess Rose said...

I am the daughter-in-law of Grant Deachman. The pecan pie is delicious. Grant's proudest moment I suspect was when our current Canadian flag was adopted. He was the Vice-Chair of the Committee.

Princess Rose said...

Grant Deachman was my father-in-law. His proudest moment, I suspect, is when Canada first raised our current flag. He was the Vice-Chair of the Flag Committee.

BTW, the pecan pie is delicious!