Saturday, June 01, 2013

Where is the 1921 Canadian census today?


My Grandma Sarah [Saggers] Rogers with my dad, George, and his little brother, David.  Snapshot taken in South Vancouver, 1920s; private collection.

Three of the reasons I'm anxious to see the 1921 Canadian census - my dad was born in 1917 and his brother was born in 1919, both in South Vancouver. My uncle David died young in 1927, so the 1921 census is the only one he will be shown in. 

See the article written today for the British Columbia Genealogical Society for a list of research helps for 1921 Canadian census research:  Although today is the day the 1921 census is to be handed over to Library and Archives Canada, there is still no word on access to the films or digital files, on digitizing, or indexing.

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Linda said...

Hello, I just found your blog today. Greetings from Montreal. I have been doing my family tree for the last several months and have been finding some areas rather difficult, but I continue to plug at it.