Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Smile for the Camera - The Adamsons and Scotts in Saskatchewan, circa 1920

Photograph identified in writing by Amy Estella (Irwin) Scott (1884-1983) as Shrine - Eurolite to Regina. Mr. Adamson and Muriel.
Note: In about 1960, my grandmother, Amy Estella Scott, showed me her photographs and identified them for me. At that time, I wrote down the names of people, places, etc. as she recalled them then. If anyone can shed any light on the place name? 'Eurolite', please let me know. The italicized identifications here were written on the photographs in my grandmother's hand,
earlier than 1960. The other names, etc. were added in my hand when we went through her photographs in about 1960. All photographs black and white; personal collections.

The theme for the 18th Edition of Smile For The Camera is 'Travel' - Show us your family and how they traveled.

My mum who was born in 1914 in Newdale, Manitoba, Canada, used to tell me about the road trips her family made to visit relatives in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario in Canada and in Vermont in the U.S.A.

She didn't recall a lot of details, although she had some cute stories - mostly about the relatives!

These three photographs were taken during a trip to Saskatchewan - I think, in about 1919-1920. The Scotts and Adamsons would have travelled by automobile, although I don't have a photograph I can identify (yet) as the one used on this trip. Besides Regina, they likely visited both my 'Auntie Grandma' (my mum's aunt, Maggie (Irwin) Drummond and her family at Belcarres and my mum's great aunt, Maggie (Carmichael) Graham and her family at Aberdeen.

What I'd like to stress here though is that Mum's family very often travelled with friends, or sometimes relatives. On this particular trip, they were with friends, Isabella (Waddell) and Charles Mitchell Adamson from Newdale.

Charles Mitchel Adamson was born in Pictou, Nova Scotia, in 1869. Isabella (Isabelle) Waddell was born in Ontario. They were married in 1898 in Manitoba. From about 1919, Charles owned the Dominion House on Main Street in Newdale. (His brother, John David Adamson, also lived in Newdale.) The 1916 Canadian Prairie census shows Charles and Isabella's family living together as: Charles M., boarding house keeper, aged 44; Isabella, 41, Elsie, 17; Rena, 15; Wilfred, 18; and Laurence, 10. It doesn't appear from these photographs that any of the Adamson children were on this trip.

[1916 Canadian Census, Manitoba, District 5, Sub District 10, Township 16, Range 20, W1. Source: 1916 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta database on-line. Manitoba, Marquette District 10; page 20; Family # 176. Digitized from Library and Archives Canada microfilm roll: T-21927. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2009. Accessed November 2009. See also Newdale 1870-1970, (Newdale Historical Society, 1970) and Waddell and Scott files, personal collection. ]

Photograph identified in writing by Amy Estella (Irwin) Scott (1884-1983) as Parliament Buildings, Regina [Saskatchewan, Canada]. J.W. Scott, Janet Muriel Scott.

Photograph identified by Amy Estella Scott (1884-1983) as Regina Fair, Mr. and Mrs. C. Adamson, Amy Estella Scott, Janet Muriel Scott.


Joan said...

Thanks for that slice of life of the road trips of the 1920 era. In addition, to an interesting post, I received an unexpected bit of information about the Waddells and Adamsons. I am not sure how, but I believe there is a link between these two families and my McPhersons--probably back in Scotland before 1800. Thanks a million for a great post and a bit of serendipity.

M. Diane Rogers said...

Nice to see you over here. Maybe someday we will even find we are related. I know I have Waddell connections - no MacPhersons or Adamsons (yet) though.