Thursday, October 22, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday - Sweet Memories

This was all my Mum's. She loved costume jewellery and had colourful sets of bracelets, earrings and necklaces to match many of her best outfits. I remember as a little girl watching her get 'all dressed up' to go out. She'd make sure I had some powder on my face too.

Both of us wore pins a lot at one time, so I did keep a few of hers. Mine are mostly cat pins, but she loved frogs - and this glittery frog is one that I gave her.

The necklace though was from 'the olden days'. I only remember her wearing things like this when I was little. I think it must be from the 1930s or 40s.

My mother wasn't very sentimental, so I wonder why she kept it all that time. Now I keep it because it reminds me of her. I am sentimental! She did have a long dress from the 1940s and let me wear that as a costume when I played Boadicea (now called Boudicca or Boudica) at school. I know I wore some jewellery then, bracelets and a brooch for a cloak, I think, but I'm afraid they weren't memorable enough.

Maybe this necklace was a present - from my Dad or another admirer - but if so, she never mentioned it. (Yes, you may well say 'Why didn't you ask?' but I didn't.)


Jeanette Bennett said...

Thank you for sharing this. Family history is more than birth certificates and photos. It's also the objects that were owned and loved. It makes you feel closer to your forebearers.

I have some of my grandma's costume jewelry from same well as older Indian headband and some other Indian beads. Grandma was part Choctaw from Oklahoma.

Amy (We Tree) said...

Lovely! I'm particularly drawn to that frog. Thanks for sharing some of your family treasures.

lindalee said...

I think my favorite is the blue pin. I just love looking at vintage pieces of jewelry. Thanks for your post.