Thursday, October 01, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday - 'Natural History' Postcard

Front: From "Punch" - Natural History
Eva: "Mother says I'm descended from Mary, Queen of Scots."
Tom (her brother): "So am I, then."
Eva: "Don't be silly, Tom, you can't be - you're a boy !"

Back: Juvenile Jokes from "Punch." ...
"After the black & white drawing by H. Corbould.

Since October is Women's History Month in Canada, I'll be featuring a few women's history related items this month.

This is from my postcard collection and quite neatly (for me, anyway) combines both my women's history and genealogy interests. (Sister Eva was partly right after all - thinking about Mary, Queen of Scots DNA...)

This is a Tuck's Post Card, divided back, printed in England. #9192. Unmailed; name written across the card in pencil -
Miss Blanche Caldale(?)

By the way, there's a new Festival of Postcards coming up - the theme is QUADRUPEDS. Enter by 20 October, 2009.


andrea said...

The postcard looks classic to me. It reminds me of illustrations in many of the old books I used to read as a child. It would be nice to get something like these as direct mail marketing postcards.

M. Diane Rogers said...

I agree. Sometimes I think businesses are missing out by making everything look 'new'. A bit of history or nostalgia, even for very modern businesses, could be refreshing.

Brenda said...

Lovely, Diane. This is priceless.