Thursday, August 13, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday - A Penny Saved...

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned.

Today's choice from the Treasure Chest is this 'piggy bank'. I do have a couple of others still, but this one is a bit different.

First, it's obviously a Canadian design (or meant for Canadians anyway). However, our dad collected coins, including Canadian pennies, so this one was always a bit special. In fact, I'm sure he must have picked these out for my brother and me.

Both Dad and Mum would have approved of the 'improving message': A penny saved is a penny earned.

On the bottom is a mark, perhaps a stamp - "Hand decorated Shafford" (Shafford is in script.) This bank would have been purchased some time in the 1950s in Vancouver, BC. It's in very good condition - no chips, no scratches. And Her Majesty certainly looks a lot younger.

I see lots of vintage Shafford items on-line, but I'd be interested to know more about the company. There's a bank just like this for sale at $4.99 ($US), but mine's worth more than that to me. And anyway, think of how many pennies must be inside there still!

In looking around on-line I see so many other Shafford things, some dated, some marked as 'made in Japan'. I may have some Shafford tea cups; I will have to look.

There's a condiment set with maple leaves and squirrels for sale? (At first I thought that squirrel might be a beaver, but surely not!) Must go find my credit card...

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Leslie Ann Ballou said...

What a nice treasure -- I think you're rich ;)