Thursday, August 27, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday - Na's Chairs

Both these chairs were my Na's. Both were used by the family in Manitoba, then came to Vancouver with her from her and Grandpa Scott's last residence in Hamilton, Ontario.

You will notice that the focus of these photographs is not the chairs, but the cats on them - Odette above and Gilles below. That's the way it is here at our house! Na wouldn't have minded; she would have liked that we are still using them every day.

Odette's chair is very comfortable for reading and Na kept a little bookshelf style table with a lamp attached to it just beside this chair. My brother has that now.

Na picked out the light beige fern pattern 'plushy' fabric the chairs are upholstered in. I remember when they were reupholstered this way in Vancouver, but I don't remember what colour or pattern the chairs were originally. I'd like to find something very similar to this fabric and have them redone now.

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Harriet said...

I love your cats they are beautiful!