Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Carnival of Genealogy - Summer Vacation Lake Louise 1963

Here's a photograph of me at Lake Louise in Canada, taken by my mother, I believe, while we were on a trip together in 1963. Luckily for me, Mum identified the photos from this trip on the back. I believe this was my first visit to Lake Louise, but she had been there several times before.

Note my matching shoes and bag and the fancy glasses. We 'always' matched our accessories, and only used white till Labour Day. This was just before beehive hairdos were popular in our town, so my do is pretty plain, but I did wear high heels from quite early on. Anything to make me taller! (Even later in the 60's, I was in my brother's old jeans, wooden beads and sandals, but that's another story.)

And then, as now, I had my whole life in my purse, including a pen and notebook and a novel to read in any spare moments. Wonder what I was reading that year? I'll bet I took some Canadian history along - perhaps a Thomas Costain novel or two (or maybe one of the Angélique books).

This photograph has surprisingly good colour, I think, at least compared to some of the 1970s colour photographs I have. But, the edges of this photo are all yellowed.

This was written for the Carnival of Genealogy - the 76th Edition. The topic:
How I Spent My Summer Vacation. Watch for the full Carnival to be posted soon at Creative Gene.

For more about other family vacations, including mine, read the latest Canadian Carnival of Genealogy too - over at Looking For Ancestors.
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lindalee said...

Great post. I look back at my summer vacations in the 60's and when we weren't at the beach, I was you...dress or skirt, stockings, heels....what was I thinking!!! It was a vacation after all ;-)

Bill West said...

Great picture, Diane. You "dressed up pretty" as my Dad used to say
admiringly of my Mom!