Monday, June 08, 2009

Wedding Belles! - Smile For The Camera - SCOTT ROGERS 1946

The topic for this June edition of Smile For The Camera is Wedding Belles!

I've chosen three of my parents' wedding snapshots for this one. They were married in Washington, District of Columbia, USA, in 1946 while both were serving in the Canadian Army. Dr. R. A. Bird officiated. He and his wife are in the two photos above. These were taken in the Bird's apartment where my parents were married.

There were flowers for decoration, but no bouquets as Mum and Dad and their attendants were in uniform. My parents had 'double rings' which was something my mum told me she had insisted on. And, they did have a honeymoon - a few days in Philadelphia.

My mother's good friend, Lieutenant Margaret Hyslop, originally from Hamilton, Ontario and Hillcrest, Alberta, was her attendant and Major R. A. Jack from Montreal stood up with Dad. Both were in the Canadian Army and stationed in Washington, DC, like my parents. They are shown in the photo below; Dad and Mum are in the middle.

Marg came to live in Vancouver, BC after the war, soon after my parents did. I remember her quite well, but I don't know anything about Dad's friend, Major Jack.

Watch for the 14th Edition of Smile for the Camera to be posted 15 June, 2009 at Shades of the Departed.


CookinsForMe said...

Awww, nice pictures! I love wedding photos and those are really nice.

I need to get my mom's pictures and scan them. Some of them are just great.

And thanks for stopping by Sleuthin' Sisters -

I'll have another entry posted tomorrow I hope.

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

What interesting photos! I really enjoy the fact that they're in Canadian uniforms - but they're in Washington.So many geneabloggers are American or Canadian and it's nice to see this crossover.
Evelyn in Montreal