Monday, June 29, 2009

Mystery Monday - Unknown Violinist 1920s

Here's a little puzzle from among my Na's things.

Two postcards signed with greetings, from 1922 and 1924, presumably by the violinist shown in the photos. With them was an unidentified newspaper clipping about a performance by the famous tenor, John McCormack. This might be unrelated or, could this violinist have been one of the the musicians who played with McCormack?

The newspaper, I think, will turn out to be an Manitoba one from the 1930s as the article mentions Fred M. Gee who was well known in music in Winnipeg, but the other side has part of an article about an election in England - between Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald and William Coxon which I believe was in 1931.

So far, I haven't been able to make anything out of this. Any ideas?


Annette Fulford said...

Hi Diane,

Could he be Harold A CLACK, of Strathclair, Manitoba?

Anonymous said...

Friday October 9 matches 1931.

M. Diane Rogers said...

Excellent - thanks to both Tamura & Annette.

Tamura - you are so right - I checked on the year but not the concert date.

And, Annette you've found him, I'm sure - in the 1911 census in Manitoba, Canada, Harold Austin Clack is listed as a 'Prof of Music'. 1911 Canadian census - Manitoba / Marquette / 29 Township 15 in ranges 20 / page 11

And it appears that he enlisted in World War I - giving his birth date as 1872? Age 43.

Already I found a piece from a newspaper about his and his wife's (Catherine Robertson) 50th wedding anniversary in 1943. I will type that out & post it later.

Wish I had prizes for you both! Next time...

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have just came accros a old scrap book in my basement and the name in the front cover is Harold A. Clack. I was wondering where I could find out more information about this guy?