Wednesday, May 27, 2009

C.P.R. Landing Place - Victoria BC Canada - Postcard COWARD, TONEY

C.P.R. Landing Place, Victoria, B.C., Canada

Here's a little ditty I'd like to share with you all. A rare & charmin piece, I'm sure you'll appreciate. Luv LeRoy (mostly written in caps)
To Mr. & Mrs G Coward in Vancouver BC
From LeRoy Toney, California, USA

The large white building was the Canadian Pacific Railway's steamer terminal, built in 1923, which the Hallmark Society of Victoria characterizes as "a temple to maritime commerce". Today it houses the Royal London Wax Museum
(My grandson loves that place.)

Postcard, The Coast Publishing Company, Vancouver, B.C. Private collection. Two postmarks, mostly illegible - one from Santa Monica, CA, possibly ? Jul 1974? Mailed with 10 cent 'It all depends on ZIP CODE' U. S. stamp.

If it is 1974, according to Wikipedia, that was the year this stamp was issued. "Curiously enough, the only time the Postal Service issued a stamp promoting the ZIP code, in 1974, Mr. ZIP was not depicted."

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