Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Show Us Your Genealogy Space

Over at GeneaMusings, Randy Seaver has come up with another challenge for
Saturday Night Genealogy Fun. Tonight, it's:

Show Us Your Genealogy Space: Take a digital picture of your Genealogy Space -
whether it is a table, desk, bookcase, whatever.

Introducing one of my research partners, Gilles Rogers.

You may not be able to see too clearly but tonight Gilles is keeping a few of today's Library research trip notes warm for me. He'd really prefer to be sitting on my chair, rather than the desk, but I need that myself tonight. The blinds are mostly closed at the moment, but usually there is a view of the courtyard below so that Gilles, and Odette Rogers too, when she's here, can keep track of any cars, or dogs, entering our apartment complex, or any crows or other birds daring to sit near the windows.

This rather beaten up looking, but well loved desk is in my library which is walled with bookshelves and yes, houses binders and boxes of paper in files (and, to be honest, a few piles too). Some of these files are like Randy's "fine collection of mostly useless genealogy paper" but I am slowly going through things and chucking duplicates, etc. Sometimes I find a gem though - something interesting that I can now follow up on.

My desk is old - when I was a kid it was the 'telephone desk' in my parents' bedroom. Our house phone was on one end, a business phone on the other. My backup drive isn't usually there. Its place is on the floor at the side, but I have a new toy - a Clickfree Transformer - which I'm going to try when I next backup. A friend recommended this - apparently it searches for photos, music, video and email files. Since I just had an e-mail problem this week, I'm interested to see how it works. I do back up my e-mail, but hope this will be easier. Then I can and will do that more often.

What does your genealogy space look like - or, what would your 'dream' genealogy research space look like, if you could have anything you wanted?


Randy Seaver said...

No fair - you have a cat to hide your mess!

Gilles is cute...probably meows when you say "ahnentafel" in a growly way.

Cheers -- Randy

M. Diane Rogers said...

Yes, lucky for me he's a pretty big and fluffy guy. And you're right - he loves genealogy pillow talk!

kinfolknews said...

Beautiful cat and great old desk! I have an old desk as well but mine is buried under piles of stuff. -Regina