Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Internet-Genealogy Blog - New Today

There's a new genealogy blog in town - just one you say?

This is the Internet-Genealogy Blog, from Moorshead Magazines Ltd., a Canadian company originally founded by Halvor Moorshead, which publishes the well known Family Chronicle and Internet Genealogy, History Magazine and the newest, Discovering Family History.

I've long been a fan of the 'Case Study' style articles often featured in this group of magazines and, of course, each issue usually includes Canadian, material, as well as international resources, particularly, but not exclusively, for the United States.

Internet-Genealogy will be DearMYRTLE's "take" on articles published from Moorshead. I'm a tad surprised that a Canadian blogger wasn't chosen for this task, but Myrt, I know, does have Canadian connections.

I'm not sure her announcement letter [today's post on her own blog] really made it clear that this must be a commercial arrangement, but still I doubt DearMYRTLE will ever shrink from letting it be known when something isn't up to scratch. I'll be reading Internet-Genealogy regularly.

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