Monday, April 20, 2009

Dentistry - 1874 - Victoria, BC Canada


....Persons not born with a gold tooth in their mouth can readily have a Gold Crown built on a decayed tooth or solid portion thereof that will LAST FOREVER.

OFFICE: Douglas Street south of Fort, first house on the right....

Source: British Colonist, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 20 December, 1874, p.4

A dentist, Ch F Barnard, was listed in the 1871 census of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, taken by municipal officials in April, a short time before BC joined the Canadian confederation. This census list was later published in the Canadian Parliament's Sessional Papers.


Vancouver Dentist said...

I like this particular phrase in Dr, Barnard's quote "Gold Crown built on a decayed tooth or solid portion thereof that will LAST FOREVER".

It's because this is all true and cosmetic dentists do know that. - Vancouver cosmetic Dentist

Best_of_Cloverdale said...

The physical properties of GOLD enables dentists to achieve an exact fit. Another benefit of using a gold crown is that gold gives the crown the strength that is required to tolerate the pressure of biting and chewing. Furthermore, a gold crown is not prone to chipping as seen commonly from most porcelain crowns in the molar region.

Cloverdale (BC) Dentist

addypotter said...

Interesting story. I am still a little confused about what is happening here but I always love reading about dentists. Thanks for sharing.