Friday, March 06, 2009

Middle Name Pride Day - Celebrate Your Name Week

March 6 - Middle Name Pride Day: Today’s name celebration requires honesty and boldness. Tell three people who don’t already know it, what your middle name is.

For Celebrate Your Name Week

OK - just for those three people - [drum roll] My middle name is


My grandson asked one day how many of us used our second or middle name - he doesn't, but his dad and I do.

For many in our family tree, I don't know, but for our closest relatives I do:

- Myself
- My son (not my daughter - although I meant both of her names to be used together)
- My mum

and both my grandpas

- James Joseph (Joe) RODGERS/ROGERS, born 1878 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Joseph was his maternal grandfather's name
- James Walter SCOTT, born 1885 in Nottawa, Ontario, Canada - Walter was his father's name

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