Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Yomidas Rekishikan" goes on-line - 135 years of Japanese newspapers - at a price though

And, speaking of digitized historical newspapers, as many of us have been this week (the Paper of Record 'storm' - John D. Reid's been blogging about this) ResearchBuzz tweeted this morning about The Yomiuri Shimbun, the largest newspaper publisher in Japan, offering a new on-line database service called "Yomidas Rekishikan" (History Pavilion) to celebrate its 135-year anniversary this year - the first issue was published 2 November, 1874. An annual subscription though will be over $3000. But if you have access to a university or other academic institution, perhaps it will be available to you. I wonder if the Japanese Canadian National Museum right here in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada might want to subscribe?

The database will have:

- Images of Yomiuri Shimbun pages from1874 to 1989
-Texts of Yomiuri Shimbun articles from 1986
-Texts of Daily Yomiuri articles from 1989
- and "a Japanese-language database featuring about 26,000 contemporary key individuals, their careers and achievements"

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