Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ontario Genealogical Society - New venture with Dundurn Press

The Ontario Genealogical Society is now working with Dundurn Press, an Ontario publisher, in publishing new books on Canadian genealogy. Watch for the imprint: OGS Dundurn. OGS will find authors, then receive and screen new manuscripts. Dundurn Press will edit, design and produce the publications. Interesting news, but I hope that the initial OGS screening will include editing of the genealogical information and references.

Dundurn Press earlier this fall announced a partnership with World Vital Records to put some 400 books on-line at Will this arrangement become part of the OGS-Dundurn partnership too?

Among the books mentioned for World Vital Records was 100 Canadian Heroines: Famous and Forgotten Faces by Merna Forster, a British Columbian historian. This book is still for sale and it would make a great present! Searching for names on-line may seem efficient but having this book in your hands will be so much better.

Are you an interested author? Contact the OGS:

Thanks to Dick Eastman for this information. So far, there isn't anything on the OGS or Dundurn websites. For more, see his blog:

And for more about Merna Forster's 100 Canadian Heroines, see her website:

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Brenda said...

Amazing news about OGS/Dundurn. Thanks for that, Diane (obviously I look at your blog before slogging weekly through EOGN). I second your comment about initial screening of genealogical information and references!