Sunday, December 28, 2008

BC Electric Railway History - Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada

Corner of Hastings and Granville Streets, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 1910's. Shows the downtown Vancouver buildings of the Bank of Ottawa, Canada Life, the Bank of Commerce, the Birks Clock, city trams and the Rogers Building (alas, no relation to the writer).
Postcard, unused. Split back. Published by the Coast Publishing Co. Vancouver, BC.

Did you know that Greater Vancouver once had working public transit even right out to Chilliwack?

Yes, it's true, and there is a lot of interest in the history of public transit in this area - not all of it's nostalgia, as many would like to see year-round working public transit here again!

Selected links to photographs, maps and more about the BC Electric Railway.

History of the BC Electric Railway Company by Matthew Laird. Much here is from the book, "The Story of the B.C. Electric Railway Company" by Henry Ewert (North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Whitecap Books, 1986) which is well worth a further look:

The B.C.E. Railway, Chapter 6, revised, from Donald E. Waite and Lisa M. Peppan, The Langley Story Illustrated, An Early History of The Municipality of Langley by Donald E. Waite (Altona, Manitoba, Canada: D.W. Friesen and Sons Limited, 1977):

Victoria's early streetcar system and the men behind the British Columbia Electric Railway — researched and written by Jolene Coe and Chris Bowes, Vancouver Island University (formerly Malaspina University College), 2006:

Vancouver, British Columbia, All-Time List of Canadian Transit Systems, by David A. Wyatt:

Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society:

Transit Museum Society of Vancouver, BC:

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