Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Canada Remembers the Arrival of American Loyalists in 1783" by Elizabeth Lapointe, Everton's, Nov/Dec 2008

Last night, I was excited to see Everton's Genealogical Helper in my mailbox. (November/December 2008)

This is now my favourite genealogy magazine - I like the format (and now I get the digital edition as well as the paper one) and I really appreciate that Everton's tries to cover the whole world of genealogy, not just one or two geographical areas.

But I was really excited this time, because I knew that in this issue there'd be an article by someone I know - Elizabeth Lapointe's "Canada Remembers the Arrival of American Loyalists in 1783."

If you think you may have North American Loyalist connections, and many in North America do, be sure to read this. Elizabeth discusses the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada, of course, which is the only Canadian lineage society, and she mentions all the most relevant sources for research in libraries, museums and archives, and on the web.

In the 225 years since their arrival, Loyalists and their descendants have often been instrumental in Canadian politics, education, religion, and in arts and community building. If you're interested in Canada, even if you don't have Loyalist connections, you'll find this an interesting read.

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