Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Sally Hersey Diary, 1804-1850

This morning I am reading "The Sally Hersey Diary", available on CD from the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.

Sally (Read) Hersey is thought to have been born in Massachusetts in 1768. She married Calvin Hersey in 1792 and began this diary in 1804. The CD includes images of her diary pages along with transcriptions. Sally Hersey wrote about her thoughts and feelings on events, about family and friends and about spiritual concerns, for example,

"Novr 10 [1824] Wednesday night My dear daughters got home from Vermont after an absence of almost seven months. how dear is the Society of those we tenderly love."

August 9 1832 this day is a national fast appointed on the account of that deadfull scurge the cholera that is rageing in our land.

She died in 1850 in West Hawkesbury, Prescott County, Canada West. BMD information on many relatives, neighbours and friends is included, and this continued to be updated in the diary after her death.

A very interesting paper by Dr. Marguerite Evans, "Sarah Hersey's Diary: The Spirituality of a 19th Century Pioneer Woman", is also on the CD.

This diary is well worth a read, if you're interested in this time period in Canada West or Vermont, especially, or in women's history. The CD itself is very well organized and easy to use.

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