Monday, October 20, 2008

Here's something interesting I found in my 'Treasure Chest'.

Mailed from Regina, Saskatchewan to Winnipeg, Manitoba;
postmarked Regina Mar 3 1930 VIA AIR MAIL.
5 cent Air stamp; cover stamp Regina to Winnipeg, First Regular Official Flight

2327 McIntyre St
March 1st, 1930

Dear Sister

Here is to be my first “Air Mail” letter, why live in this modern age and not take advantage of all Modern Methods. It looks as if planes were going to be more popular than they have been. What will be the next thrill to amuse mankind.

Well we are having a bit more winter and it’s surely better now than next June. The days are getting so much longer and the sun warmer and the cold does not seem so severe as before, but I do like the mild weather.

I thought of going over to see Alice Dennison yesterday but did not make it. I haven’t seen them since before Xmas. Alex saw Lionel the other day and he asked why we never went around. I dropped in to Mrs. Ware’s and stayed too long there. Col. had been in hospital for over two weeks and is still in the house but hopes to go to his office next week again.

Dad has got started in his office again. Can’t say yet how they will get along. Chipman has lots of pep and the people he worked with before said he was a good Salesman but business seems pretty dull in every branch, and so many places have laid of a lot of help - however if the wheat price comes back again it will help some. McPhail sounds rather a hopefull note since he came back and forecasts a raise in prices.

What is Walter doing? Did the job he hoped to get develop yet?

Well our bunch are much happier working. Don is like a different fellow you would scarcely know him, he is as cheerful and happy and likes his work so much. Did not get home untill mid night last night. That happens ends of months. Laurie says “You would think Don was Manager of the Imperial Bank” instead of Junior – he walks & talks with such importance.

Was glad to get your letter yesterday had thought you had forgotten us here. Hope your knees are better again. The streets here are in same condition.

Hasn’t Annie Pattison got the big heart in her? She is always nursing some sick one or other. I hope the little girl is soon quite well. How is Tom McIntosh doing now?

Did I tell you I had a letter from Aunt Mary Jane a while ago. She told me, they expect Muriel will be married this next summer, her intended is a teacher too.

You said you were dreaming of us lately. I often dream of you too. Laurie is fairly well. he is thinner than usual, and had a touch of pleursy a couple of weeks ago. Dr Richie put a Bella dona plaster on him and told him to get an XRay of that lung just for to be satisfied as he never seemed to be real well since that bad cold at Xmas however it revealed nothing and puts his mind at ease. He has taken a six weeks Officer’s course and was going three nights a week to Armouries. I think it was too much as well as work.

I am going down town now for the Sundays supplies. We just seem to get away with loads of eats here. Don Mantle comes to dinner here every Sat. and we are always eight at any time.

Love to All - Maggie

This was sent by Maggie (Irwin) Drummond in Regina to her sister, Amy (Irwin) Scott, (my grandmother) in Winnipeg. Both sisters were born and married in Newdale, Manitoba. Alex was Maggie's husband; Walter was Amy's. Don and Laurie are Maggie's sons. Annie Pattison and Tom McInTosh were cousins. Most of the others mentioned, I believe, were 'family friends'.

In Winnipeg, the new Prairie Air Mail service was heralded as "An Epoch in Western Communication" by the Manitoba Free Press. Hundreds turned out to see the first Winnipeg mail flight - so many with motorcars that there was a traffic jam. (WFP, Tuesday, 4 March 1930, p. 1,4 - NewspaperARCHIVE at Godfrey Memorial Library - Pilot W. J. Buchanan flew into Winnipeg from Regina with the first air mail solo on March 3rd, ten minutes ahead of time, and carried 8 bags of mail - about 500 pounds worth.

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What a treasure! I really enjoyed Maggie's letter.