Monday, October 20, 2008

Genea-Blogger Treasure Hunt - Report

Genea-Blogger Treasure Hunt - Report

Well, a few weeks ago, over at The Family Curator, Denise Levenick issued a challenge to Genea-Bloggers to open up, unpack, sort out, and clean out our ‘Magic Cupboards’ – those spots where family treasures and information has accumulated for ‘later’. I chose to clean up a small bookshelf which I've been using as a ‘genealogy sorting station’ which by now had several layers of ‘unknown’ materials in each various pile.I was able to finish most of this.

I did ‘unearth’ some treasures and they are now carefully put away. The ‘treasures’ included the scrapbook my mum made with my baby cards; the loose cards with the album are now in acid free envelopes. These I knew were there, but I also found a bundle of interesting envelopes that my father had saved (he was a stamp collector). Most related to our old family business, but one was a 1930 letter from my ‘Aunty Grandma’ to her sister, my grandma, which I transcribed and then blogged about separately today. Those special envelopes are now put away.

I set up a better on-going system of files for older projects that were literally 'on the shelf’ and I have put out for recycling a full bag of paper – obvious duplicate copies, etc.

That was the easy part.

I set up some ‘temporary file folders’ for the sheaves of ‘odd’ papers – for instance, surname related documents and information. These I filed, but it did seem to take quite a while. Now I still need to go through these files and put papers in my binders, but this is now a manageable task.

Thanks for the jog, Denise!

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Anonymous said...

I can remember "surface mail" vs "air mail" in the 50's! I lived on Guam so everything usually went air mail. Packages went surface mail and took forever! Thanks for the memories!!