Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vancouver Scores in Monopoly

The children, Burnaby, 1973

Well, something very good in the news this morning.

Canada has scored three places in the newest Monopoly - with Toronto, Montreal and, Vancouver - my own home town! This will be the first global edition of the game and Vancouver will be 'orange' along with Shanghai and Rome.

Each city on the game board will have an "iconic token". What could it be for Vancouver? (Just not something from far up north that doesn't belong here, please...)

What does this have to do with genealogy? Not too much - I don't remember ever playing Monopoly till I was grown, but, I do remember the days when one young man and his friends played Monopoly day after day, weekend after weekend - this was just after Hot Wheels race track construction stopped, and just before Dungeons and Dragons took hold.

The new game edition will be available in the fall apparently. Guess what someone might get for his birthday...


"3 Canadian cities score international Monopoly spots" Canwest News Service, published: Tuesday, August 19, 2008:

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