Friday, August 22, 2008

South Vancouver Juvenile Band, Vancouver, Canada - Wordless Thursday

South Vancouver Juvenile Band, J. Olson, Conductor, c. 1933.
One of my luckier postcard finds at a Vancouver Postcard Club show this year:

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Laurina Brroks said...

Hello my name is Laurina from Australia. My late father was a member of the South Vancouver Juvenile band in 1935 when he was 16yrs old. I have a postcard with his photo in it, with a small calendar at the bottom of the picture. I was thrilled when I saw the almost same photo on your website when I was looking for information about the band.In your photo he is in the second row, 1st on the left. If only he was here to see that, he would have been thrilled as I was..
Many thanks..Laurina from Australia