Sunday, August 17, 2008

2008 Genea-Blogger Group Games - Weekly Recap

I'm following the 2008 Genea-Blogger Group Games in the "Write, Write,
Write!" category. I did sign up, but somehow I didn't make it into the final
group of contestants. I missed one of the 'trials' as I was only looking at
the original rules. Still I decided to run alongside.

So far:

A. I've thought about why and how I use this blog and how I might use it in
the future - I've checked out Blogger's new features, I've added 'subscribe
to' links to the blog and I've learned how to e-mail a post.

B. -DONE - I entered a post in the 54th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy (August 15) "Why Do You Say That, Grandma D, or, the Family Language". I also participated in 'Wordless Wednesday' for the first time.

C. I've just sent my blog an e-mail draft post- we will see if this works! [Hey! It does!]

D. I've been writing up about my Na, but can see this will be a longer job
that I thought. I have another sketch I will do this week instead.

E. -DONE- I'll be hosting the 'Cabinet of Curiosities' Carnival in November.

This Carnival is a chance to show off those quirky family treasures - ones locked in a
trunk or hidden under the dresser, those don't get displayed on the living
room side table, treasures you've researched and researched, or those you
have no idea about. As Tim Abbott, this carnival's creator says, this is
"show and tell for grown ups".


Cabinet of Curiosities #8, Walking The Berkshires:

2008 Genea-Blogger Group Games:

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