Sunday, August 10, 2008

2008 Genea-Blogger Group Games - Progress

Well, I have been very busy lately researching all the hours I could at Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa. Here is a photo of the entrance to show I'm actually here. The 'real' research hours are short, weekdays only. When you're from out of town and your time is limited, that really matters. Perhaps I can get some west coast M.P.s interested in doing their genealogy. They might have some influence.

On Sunday, one can read reference materials till 2 pm, use the Canadian Genealogy Centre, the computers or read microfilm, etc. (No printing or scanning though.) I did have a look in the Centre again and checked out what there was for Manitoba. As for B.C., not too much on the physical shelves (not even an atlas. Good grief!), but I did have another look at some Manitoba newspaper indexes - found one interesting entry - and tonight I've started to write a sketch about my 'Na' - Amy Estella IRWIN. More on this another day.

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