Friday, July 25, 2008

1891 Canadian Census On-line - One-Step Search

Back to the new 1891 Canadian census index search -

Stephen P. Morse has added a 1891 census search facility to his other Canadian census search aids. Thanks!

If you are doing a 'difficult' search, especially for a non-English name, in a Canadian (or U.S. or English/Welsh) census on-line, or in any of the other larger on-line genealogy index (e.g. Ellis Island, Castle Garden), or if you'd like to devise your own search application, have a look at his index site to see if he has a solution.

'Searching the 1911 1906 1901 1891 1851 Canadian Census in One Step',
Stephen P. Morse:

List of One-Step Webpages, Stephen P. Morse:

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