Saturday, July 19, 2008 - Search Webinar - July 30, 2008


Love it or not, almost all of us go to at least once in a while and Ancestry's offering another free on-line demonstration session, this time on the website's new search facility. (Oops, pardon me, it's a "search experience" now; pretty much the same old search engine still though, isn't it?)

I have attended previous sessions and found them well worth the time. This one includes a question and answer session too which could be very interesting.

You need to register but you do NOT have to be a subscriber to attend’s July 30, 2008 webinar (on-line seminar) - 8:30 PM Eastern Standard time.

Demonstrator: Kendell Huet, Director, Product Management,

Especially for intermediate and advanced researchers with examples of: record previews, image snapshots, refined searches, type-ahead tools, global searches and advanced searches.


See you there!

For more about the webinar and the new search, see recent blog posts and the comments.

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