Friday, April 18, 2008


My 2008 Genealogy objectives and progress:

1. Focus on research that takes advantage of my future travel plans - to Montreal and Detroit and to Sweden. Update both my Tribal Pages websites with current information.
Yes, I've been doing more Swedish research, but haven't yet found the Johansons for certain. More later. Haven't touched either website though.

2. Scan and organize more family photographs, starting early this year with

a) the few photographs of my baby brother and myself and the childhood photographs of my nieces. Yes, I've been working a lot on this. Progress!

b) then the Newdale photographs from my mother and grandmother. Yes, working on this - Progress!

Continue to BACK UP my data each Wednesday. Yes, but now some computer problems - can't win.

3. Blog more! Upgrade the blog with links, etc. I've made the move to the new template & added links, etc., but now I see 'Blogger in draft' is lurking. More changes?

4. Put up the Newdale, Manitoba, Canada genealogy website I’ve been planning for ages. Not much progress here yet. A summer project?

5. Investigate new-to-me ways to illustrate my family history, starting with software - Passage Express and Map My Family Tree. Yes, I've been trying out Map My Family Tree quite happily & will be working with Passage Express next month on a new project.

Overall? I'll give myself 54% or so - with almost the first quarter of the year over.

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