Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Library and Archives Canada Consultation Process 2008


Library and Archives Canada has started to put up more information regarding its new public consultation focus. Not much there yet, but a bit more background and a list of 'strategic choices' for LAC:

These are apparently to -

1. Go digital

2. Be national

3. Focus on government record-keeping

4. "Collaborate and build partnerships - Maintain strong relationships with community-based heritage organizations and provincial, territorial and regional libraries and archives to help deliver services. "

5. Use client research and service evaluation to inform decision making

LAC is promising to "consult closely with client communities and the public...."

Does this encourage you? Worry you? Do you have ideas about other directions LAC should be considering for the future?

Please send your comments to LAC!

Go to Library and Archives Home Page and look for the

New site for Public Consultations and the Services Advisory Board

or, in French, Nouveau site pour les consultations publiques et le Conseil consultatif sur les services

Library and Archives Home:

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