Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dear Myrtle - New Podcast 26 February 2008

'Dear Myrtle', the well known U.S. genealogist, has a new podcast up. You can download this for your .mp3 player or click a button and listen to it right in your browser. (I like to listen to genealogy podcasts while I'm filing. )

Her guests this time are:

Sharon Sergeant, of, who I know through the very useful genealogy teleconferences she organizes,


Bruce Buzbee, the creator of Family Atlas software, available at . Mapping my ancestors is one of my 2008 New Year's resolutions, so I was specially interested in hearing him.

Also on this podcast -

DearMyrtle does a 'Mighty Mouse' tour of the Board for Certification of Genealogists website, .

Here's Dear Myrtle's podcast link with all the details, including links to past podcasts:

In case you're wondering, Dear Myrtle's other name is Pat Richley. She's been been giving "practical, down-to-earth advice for family historians since 1995" on-line. Her latest book is
DearMYRTLE's "Big book" JOY OF GENEALOGY, available through Much more on her website - also free genealogy lessons and articles.

Dear Myrtle 's Website:

Dear Myrtle's Blog:

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