Saturday, December 15, 2007

Santa Claus - Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

David and Diane, 1953, with Santa at Woodward's Wonderful Toyland, in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

December 6 - Santa Claus

There weren’t any ‘letters to Santa Claus’ among my mother’s memorabilia, but I’m sure my brother & I must have sent some. Perhaps that’s what I’m clutching in this photograph. My brother looks pretty confident here. I look wistful –wonder what I hoped for that year?

We used to ‘go see Santa’ at a downtown Vancouver department store every year when we were small & I can’t imagine we’d have missed making up a proper list for him. We went through the big Eaton’s mail order Christmas catalogue to mark all the things we wanted first, I bet. (In my day, Woodward's had smaller flyer catalogues - we must have studied those too.)

I’m sure I asked for a doll every time – I had a LOT of dolls –but one year I know I wanted a ‘grown up’ doll. No Barbie then (thank heavens!) but I did receive a doll with a very womanly shape, high heeled shoes, pearl teardrop earrings and a glamourous cocktail dress with a stiff net foil overskirt. I do remember she was a Christmas Eve present, but I no longer have her. She went, I hope, to another happy little girl. (But yes, a couple of my dolls are with me still.)

I don't think I still believe in Santa, but I do believe in spreading the Christmas spirit! And anyway, yesterday I saw a sign that said 'if you don't believe in Santa, all you get for Christmas is underwear'. That would be so sad. My brother may still believe. I do remember my mum telling me not to tell him any different. I never did, Mum!

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