Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Parties - Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

Christmas time, 1960, on Yukon Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Dave, Diane & Dad with Twink

December 9 - Holiday Parties

Except for Christmas day dinner, I don’t remember our having any holiday parties at home. We didn’t have many adults visiting at all, as I recall. The living room was usually ready for company though as we kids ‘lived’ in the basement rec room.

Since there were often two birthday parties at home before Christmas, perhaps my parents thought enough was enough. The little ‘cherub on the moon’ candles on the window sill in this photograph were favours for my birthday party that year.

For Christmas dinner, I know my Na (mum’s mum, Amy Estella, née Irwin) was always there and two close friends of my mum’s often came. One had been in the Canadian Women’s Army Corps (CWAC) with my mum during WW II, so they had been friends forever, as far as I was concerned. We called them both 'aunty', not having any 'real' aunties of our own.

We always dressed up for Christmas – even my little brother! Since my mother loved to sew, I did have nice dresses. I can think of one favourite dress – dark green velvet with a square neckline, it was. Does anyone wear velvet anymore? It felt so soft and made me feel grownup.

I’m sure we had dinner with my dad’s parents (Sarah Frances, née Saggers and James Joseph ‘Joe' Rodgers) the first few years, but they died when I was small and my mum’s dad (James Walter Scott) had died the year before I was born. Since my grandpa Rodgers’ birthday was December 20th, I hope there was a family celebration for him too. And maybe he thought of my brother and I as his very own birthday presents, as my son and I think of my grandson?

My brother has reminded me that most years we went out to the Elks Christmas party for children though. (My dad was a member of quite a few organizations.) I do remember those Elks parties, as Santa came and his presents were really nice, even if most often specially picked to be ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ presents. And then there were treats at the party, and, a bag of candy to take home. Funny the things one does remember!

Well, time is getting on here - and I'm still catching up - but there are many more bloggers' Christmas memories at: http://destinationaustinfamily.blogspot.com

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