Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Tree Ornaments - Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

December 2 - Christmas Ornaments

I do remember stringing popcorn, but I think this must have been some school project or perhaps for a Girl Guide badge. We didn’t go in for natural ornaments when I was a kid, instead the more glitzy-glittery and the more breakable the better. Even our 1950’s plastic ornaments were pretty fragile, as I recall. There was always something sadly tinkling when the Christmas boxes came down from the attic space.

I still decorate with some of these ornaments –a few glass balls, birds with feather tails, shiny, sharp foil cornucopias, colourful bead strings which were my grandparents’, fuzzy candy canes, a bent tinsel star—but I also still have a Santa ball that always went on our tree, (a boy made it for me in Grade 1 -not telling his name) and a shoe that my grandmother made out of old greeting cards. (She collected shoe ornaments. Why, I wonder?)

I’ve been collecting Christmas ornaments on my own for years, so I’ve added a lot to these. On my tree, I hang my silver baby teether (that was never on my parents’ tree!) and nowadays I have ornaments with photographs of a few of the ancestors, as well as of my children and grandson. This year I want to add the photograph of my parent’s first Christmas tree in Vancouver.

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