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Christmas Time Fun - Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

Snowshoers, at Newdale, Manitoba, Canada, about 1911? Postcard, Family Collection (I bet Henson was the photographer.)

As identified by my grandmother, Amy Estella Scott (née Irwin) - Mrs. Henson, Mrs. Hodgins, Mrs. S. Young, Mrs. Blaikie, Mrs. Craik, Mrs. L. Murphy, Mrs. B. Thompson, Mrs. Onhauser (Dr. Mrs.[?]), self, Miss Hunter.

December 22 - Christmas Grab Bag

From the little my Na and mum said, I have the impression that Christmas itself was a sedate day in Newdale, Manitoba at the turn of the century and in the 1910s and that the religious significance of Christmas was uppermost in people's minds.

But this doesn't mean they didn't have fun. My Na was always a good sport, and I'm sure she and her friends, and later my mum and her friends, took every chance they could to have fun in Manitoba's very Christmassy weather. There are several photographs like this - curling was another winter sport and Newdalers, like William Lavery, were well known for their expertise.

And, I found this piece in the Winnipeg paper which suggests that many others had fun too.

From the Manitoba Daily Free Press, Winnipeg, Canada
Friday, December 25th, 1891, p. 8


What Winnipeggers May Do and Where They May Go.

They may go to witness or participate in the curling matches between the Thistles and Granites, morning and afternoon.

They may witness the hockey game at the Thistle rink this morning or enjoy a skate in the afternoon or evening.

They may go home for Christmas turkey – if not invited elsewhere or told to stay away.

They may take advantage of the opportunity to visit friends or relatives outside of the city.

They may hear the Music concerts at the Princess opera house morning and afternoon.

They may go to the Christmas cantata by Zion church Sunday school to-night.

They may attend the children’s cantata at Wesley church in the evening.

They may go to the welcome meetings given by the Salvation Army.

They may visit the Assiniboine and watch the soldier boys play hockey.

They may go to the Scandinavian Sabbath school festival this evening.

They may attend divine service at several of the city churches.

Many will go where they want to and do what they please.

They may go to the shooting match at Silver Heights.

They may go to the toboggan slide afternoon and evening.

They may enjoy a sleigh or cutter ride.

Whatever your weather, enjoy the world this week.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories,

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