Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Cookies - Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

Diane and Santa, 1952, Woodward's Wonderful Toyland. 3 photos -80¢ - wow! (I even have the envelope this was mailed in – addressed to me, November 20, 1952. (I come by my clutter honestly.)

December 8 - Christmas Cookies

My goodness! When I first looked at this topic, my mind went blank. Yes, there were cookies, but what kind? Did I help my mum or my Na (mum’s mum) much making them? Very doubtful, other than stirring and then licking the bowl. I was never much for the womanly arts, that’ s for sure. Favourites?

So I took mum’s recipe box out of the cupboard and had a look. I remember squares, bars and breads more than cookies – like blond brownies and matrimonial cake, two favourites. Recipe cards for those look ‘well used’.

And, no, not many cookie recipes in here, although there’s shortbread, of course, as English as can be, here’s vanilla drops and date kisses and here is a recipe written in my Na’s hand for “Eva’s Tarts” –could that be a recipe from cousin Eva (née Pattison) Boone, 1897-1944, daughter of Annie McNab and George Henry Pattison of Newdale, Manitoba?

Here’s a recipe for matrimonial balls (don’t remember these at all). And, look, here’s a handwritten recipe for “”mommy’s cookies” from Mrs. Burton –Nana Burton, as I called her. When I was really little, Nana Burton looked after me sometimes so mum could go out, and later, so mum could take my baby brother to the doctor as he was quite sick when young. Nana Burton wasn’t a relative at all, but a very nice older lady who lived across the street with her husband and went to our church too. Since my brother was born in December, I suspect that Nana Burton baked us cookies for his first Christmas, as would have my two grandmas. I know my mum and brother were home by Christmas that year, but mum wouldn’t have had any time for baking. My memories of Nana Burton are fond –she must have been very patient!

Mommy’s Cookies

Cream 5 Tbspoons shortening
1 cup of sugar
1 egg
1 tea vanilla
1 ½ cup flour
1 ½ tea B.P.
1 cup coconut
½ cup finely chopped dates

Make balls size of walnuts. Bake on greased pan. Press with fork dipped in hot water. Bake 400° 10 minutes. 48 cookies.

For lots more about Christmas cookies, click on the December 8th ornament at:


Shannon said...

Eva Pattison from Newdale!

I am freaking out with excitement right this second! I'm looking for the family of Baden Webb, English, born in Mexico, 1901. He traveled to Newdale in 1913 with Eva (b. 1897, Canada)and William Pattison (b. abt 1844) from the UK. In 1924, on another manifest, he gave the name of his cousin George Pattison in Newdale. Are these your relatives?

M. Diane Rogers said...

How exciting to hear from you.
Yes, I am connected (not direct). Baden Webb lived in Newdale with the Pattisons - William Pattison was the father, and George, his son. My cousin, Annie McNabb, married George. Eva was their daughter and Baden lived with them. I have some more info. Contact me by e-mail:

Shannon said...

Hi! Did you receive my email? If not, I'll try again!

M. Diane Rogers said...

Please do e-mail me again, Shannon. I've been checking but haven't seen an e-mail yet.

Shannon said...

I sent another email!