Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Cards-Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

Diane R at one year old, 1949 (now you know!)

December 4 - Christmas Cards

My family did send Christmas cards – and lucky for me! My parents had a business so for years they had photographs taken of my brother and myself and used those on a card to send to family and clients. There was only one year when it was a family picture. I inherited a sampling of these. On most my mother had written the date and how old we were.

I remember some of the many Christmas cards that were sent to us too – lots of texture – velvety red suits for the Santas, sparkly snow, and once, feathers for Santa’s beard. Some cards were displayed on the mantel or on the tables in the living room. Then we saved them all for ‘next year’. A few were kept whole, if they were specially nice, but many were later cut up with pinking shears to make gift tags and decorations.

I still send cards. For New Year’s though, mine are, and not only because I am often late getting them in the mail. I try to choose ones that are meaningful to me – Canadian art perhaps, or as this year, UNICEF cards depicting children at play in the snow. We don’t get much snow here in Vancouver but even we south west coast Canadians associate snow with Canadian Christmases. And yes, a few of those old, old cards still come out of my Christmas decoration closet each year!

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