Friday, October 20, 2006

Lost Cousins in Canada? has just this morning added 1881 Canada to its search system! If you have English, Welsh or Scottish families listed in an 1881 census, LostCousins already covers those.

Enter the names & details of your family members as shown in the 1881 census & you may find other lostcousin members who are related to the same people. The more relatives you enter, the more likely you will find connections. You can use the free 1881 Canadian census index available on-line from the LDS church.

I like LostCousins myself because it's focused on actual census entries in a particular place & time---not just surname interests. (I have so many relatives with really common surnames--- 'ROGERS' in Canada & England, for instance.)

I've found LostCousins easy to use. There's help available, even a 'buddy' system with live people! It's free to register, but there are advantages to subscribing.

See the website for details & for an overview of the system.

1881 Canadian Census Index:

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