Friday, January 06, 2006

Genealogical Resolutions 2006

It seems that every year I make the same genealogical resolution---to get & stay organized.

Last year I kept up with myself quite well, although I never did get that new shelf for my binders. That should be a priority this month!

This year, I have another resolution, too---to publish on paper at least one of my half-done projects. After all, maybe one of my 'lost' rellies will see my publication, read it & then call or e-mail me with lots more info. I 'd be thrilled, after all, to hear from any of them.

There must be a moral here. I think, perhaps---'a genealogist's work is never done & so, often not put away either'.

Keeping myself aware of the organizational hazards of my various family history activities though makes a difference both in the height of my 'current' piles of paper & in the number of papers that are filed neatly away where they belong. I am often pleasantly surprised by how easily I can find that old letter or census if only this applied to my regular housework!

Dear Myrtle, Your Friend in Genealogy, who has been helping others on-line with their genealogy questions since 1995, has published her Finally Get Organized: A 12-Month Sure-Fire System in an easy to read booklet. I can cheerfully recommend this to anyone concerned about genealogical housekeeping. This is an updated version of the system she published originally on the web with very useful ideas for both beginners & experienced researchers.

For copies of Finally Get Organized & other publications by Dear Myrtle (aka: Pat Richley), see the BookShelf on her website:

DearMyrtle's Radio Show is on the air again. Go to her website to listen to the latest show 3rd of January, 2006 or to listen to or read Myrt's update on her past predictions for the future. (Originally published as "The Internet, Genealogists & the Future", in The Godfrey Update, Winter 2005, pages 16-19)

Dear Myrtle's Radio Show Link:


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