Thursday, May 19, 2005

Post 1901 Canadian Census Access---------Bill S-18

Update: May 20, 2005

Bill S-18 didn't even get to the debate stage today in the House of Commons. Please contact your Members of Parliament to express your support for this bill & ask for their help in 'fast tracking' its passage.

People in Canada's genealogical, historical & heritage communities have been working since 1999 to ensure Canada's historical censuses are released for study & research now & in the future. There are not many days left in this session. We do want to see this bill passed.

May 19, 2005
Tonight, I am posting Gordon Watt's most recent letter concerning the passage of Bill S-18 through the House of Commons.

This bill, an amendment to the Statistics Act, will ensure historians, genealogists and others future research access to Canada's Post 1901 Censuses.

Please contact your M.P.s to ask for their support in speedily passing this bill---most of us would like to see the House waive debate, & give this bill its second & third reading tomorrow morning, so that it can be voted on tomorrow, & passed.

This bill is supported by many, many Canadians, including all four House Leaders and 209 Members of Parliament, the Information Commissioner, the Privacy Commissioner, the Chief Statistician, the National Archivist, the Canada Census Campaign, and the Canadian Historical Association, as well as genealogical and historical associations from across Canada. This is a non-partisan issue.

For more information, see the websites: 'POST 1901 CENSUS PROJECT: Open the door to Canada's Historic Census' (See the addresses for the French/English websites in Gordon's letter below)

from Gordon Watts

"...the Projected Order of Business for the House of Commons now shows Bill S-18 on the agenda for tomorrow, Friday 20 May 2005. It appears under 'Government Orders', which are dealt with from 10:00 to 11:00 AM Eastern Time.During most days of the week, 'Government Orders' normally have two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. On Fridays however,the House normally adjourns earlier than on other days to allow time for those MPs who must travel. The Projected Order of Business for Friday shows only the one morning session for 'Government Orders'.There are four other government Bills listed for the same time period so it remains to be seen how much time will be allotted for Bill S-18.

Happy Hunting
Gordon A. Watts
Co-chair, Canada Census Committee Port Coquitlam, BC in English en Francais

Permission to forward without notice is granted"

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