Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Getting Organized with Dear Myrtle: Your Friend in Genealogy

I always find something of interest in Dear Myrtle's genealogical e-columns, or at her website,

This year, I'm determined to get organized, to root out & sort out those really old notebooks and all the photographs & bits & pieces I've inherited (& yes, even my loose pages, photocopies & notes). I'm hoping to reinforce my good habits & learn some new ones. At least two days a week, I'm taking a few minutes, usually 15, [Thank you, Flylady] to sort something genealogical.

Now, I had this idea last year, too, at least for the photographs, & I remember looking at Dear Myrtle's monthly organizational checklists. Went to look at them again, but can't find them now on her newly designed website. Lots of other good stuff there, but not those, just a couple of sad, 'dead' links. Pretty please, Myrtle, post those checklists again. I know they're a few years old & maybe you want to update them, but, please, leave us the old ones in the meantime? We genealogy people will always need organizational ideas & your checklists are great!

I did a search on the WayBack Machine & found all DearMyrtle's monthly organization checklists there. I'm going to print & keep them.

To find Dear Myrtle's monthly organization checklists, go to the Internet Archive website at
You will see a search box titled "WayBackMachine",
Enter the URL(website address) you want, in this case:
Press the "Take Me Back" button,
You will see search results from Jan 1996 to Feb 2005
Click on this date: Feb 08, 2004,
and the WayBackMachine will show you DearMyrtle's website as it was in 2004.

To find the monthly checklists:
When you see the DearMyrtle logo, click on "Read",
Then scroll way down to the aqua coloured "Finally Get Organized" Monthly Checklist section. You will need to scroll about half way down the page; the top menu doesn't work. The page links work though, so just click the month you want.

Happy genealogical organizing!

Wondering about Flylady? Here's her website address. She's into flyfishing, not genealogy, but her down to earth ideas about cleaning & organizing are applicable to almost anything.

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