Sunday, May 17, 2009

Slumach - a Website for Those Who Prefer Facts Over Fiction

The British Columbia Historical Federation and David Mattison award a cash prize each year for the best website on BC history.

At the annual BCHF banquet, 16 May 2009, Fred Braches's, Slumach: a website for all who prefer facts over fiction was awarded the prize for 2008.

Since the 1890s, various (and many) stories have circulated in British Columbia about a 'lost' gold find in the Pitt Lake area. This 'lost mine' is usually associated with Slumach, a man hung in 1891 as a murderer.

Fred Braches has collected material from original sources, and more modern articles on his website. His blog has more information about modern investigations, lectures, etc. No matter what one thinks of the stories, it's a fascinating read.

Slumach - a Website for those who prefer facts over fiction

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