Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dick Eastman Interviews Paul Taylor of

Dick Eastman's interview with Paul Taylor of the new web based personal and family history service,, is up at Roots Television. They met at the 2009 'Who Do You Think You Are' genealogy/family history show in London. (Digital Estate Corporation) is a very new website offering another option for anyone wanting to archive their personal and family images, audio, video, certificate copies, etc. and then to share them with family and others. As Dick mentions, Arcalife has some "whizbang technical stuff". The 'Time Capsules' and 'Life Cubes' - new tools to store and show memories - will interest many.

Paul Taylor is from Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and I hope to have a chance to speak to him in person soon.

WDYTYA? Live 2009 Dick Eastman Interviews British Columbia, Canada's Paul Taylor of

Roots Television is the greatest for genealogy and family history topics! Many, many more videos, all free. And now full screen viewing at the site too.


Paul Taylor said...

Its great to have the support of Canadian genealogists and Family historians ! We have had a very warm reception since our launch, especially for all the unique features that we are providing. The great news is that there is more to come. Looking forward to meeting you all over the coming months.

Megan said...

Hey there - just wondering if it was possible to link up arcalife here in your post with the website itself? - it all helps people find it! thanks a million, and for this great piece as well.

M. Diane Rogers said...

Done - it's nice to be able to give a 'home grown' company a little plug.