Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dick Eastman Reports on ''Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE!' - from London, England

Dick Eastman has an article up now with thoughts and photographs from today - the second day of the third annual 'Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE!' (WDYTYA) genealogy show in London, England. Looks wonderful - nothing like that in Canada - or indeed in North America. Although there are some large North American genealogy conferences, I don't think any have this many sponsors, vendors and exhibitors involved, and none have the same long queues of people waiting to get inside!

One of the WDYTYA speakers though is Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak. She'll be speaking right here in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada in just one week now.

It's often seemed that the Brits (and Europeans in general) don't seem to be as interested in DNA and genealogy as many North Americans are. From what Dick says and shows, it sounds as if this has changed. That will be good for all of us - the more people in the DNA genealogy databases, the more chances of finding a match.

Dick Eastman's going to be posting a wrapup of the weekend's activities at WDYTYA, so check back on his newsletter tomorrow too.

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