Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Ginger Rogers, But Always Ready To Tap, Tap, Tap In The Rain

No Ginger Rogers, But Always Ready to Tap, Tap, Tap in the Rain.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 1954. Dance costume (blue with blue sequins) made by Muriel Rogers. Photographer, Julius Shore.
Family Collection.

Amy Coffin at the We Tree blog posted a helpful list recently -
'Jump Start Your Genealogy Blog. 52 ideas. 52 weeks.'
The first week's prompt was to post a favourite photograph and say something about it. I'm not promising I'll keep up the next 51 weeks, but this week's idea did catch my eye. Thanks, Amy.


Nikki-ann said...

A great photo! I always wanted to be able to tap dance :)

Anonymous said...

I just scanned my parents' 1954 wedding album -- photos by Julius Shore, at St.Andrews-Wesley United Church chapel in Vancouver.
As well family photos & history, i'm making a slide show & photo display, sadly, for the memorial service for my mom's sister. (One of the roles the family geneologist must play, I guess.)