Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Psst...need a catalogue for your library?

Thanks to Marnie Oakes, who sent in a 'quick tip' to Ancestry's Weekly Journal & to DearMyrtle, who noticed it, I just discovered, a very cool website.

I have lots of books & I am an active BookCrosser, so some of my collection is listed on the World Wide Web already, but my genealogy collection is not. I can already see so many possibilities for LibraryThing in genealogy.

It's quick & easy to register & to enter books, & so easy to edit & find them in your 'catalog' once they are in there & you can keep your information private, if you like. Right now, I can list up to 200 books there for free; it's $10. U.S. for a year or $25 U.S. for a lifetime, after that. Sounds like a bargain, really. This idea & website is put together by Tim Spalding, a web designer from Maine, U.S.A. Thanks, Tim!

You can 'tag' each book with a descriptive word or several, same as often is done now for photographs on the web. I've just started---these are the tags showing for me:
conservation (1), edwardian history (1), family u.k. (1), fashion history (1), genealogy (9), genealogy organization (1), genealogy u.s. (1), genealogy websites (1), gps (1), heirlooms (1), history u.k. (1), history u.s. (1), journal (1), photographs (3), photography u.k. (1), photography u.s. (1), preservation (1), victorian history (1), writing (2)

After you enter 10 books, the site 'suggests' books that other people with your same books or tags have on their lists. Very we used to say. Have a look!


Dear Myrtle:

Ancestry Weekly Journal, 10th April, 2006:


P. S. April 26th....been playing with my library catalogue all night!
Lots of books are off the real shelves & onto my virtual ones.
I should have mentioned that LibraryThing has links to worldwide libraries, including Canadian ones! Grand!
Thanks again, Tim

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